Women in Early 20th Century Legislative Bodies in Kerala

[A handy list, Some of these members, like Anna Chandy in Travancore and Mrs T Francis in Cochin represented ‘Women’ as a constituency]

Travancore Legislative Council

  1. Second Council (1921-25):   Dr Mary Poonnen Lukose (nominated)
  2. Third Council (1928- 31) : Mrs Elizabeth Kuruvila,  Dr Mary Poonnen Lukose. (both nominated)
  3. Fourth Council (1931-32) : Anna Chandy. (nominated)

Sree Mulam Praja Sabha

  1. Twenty-Seventh Session (1931): Mrs A Sankara Pillai ; Anna Chandy; C C Rudrani; Peninah Moses ; P Meenakshi (all nominated)
  2. Twenty-Eighth Session (1932) : Walsalam Rose; B Bhagirathy Amma, Mary Alexander; T V Narayani. (all nominated)

Sri Mulam Assembly

  1. 1933-37 : T Narayani Amma, Hepzibah Gnanasigamani, Dr Mary Poonnen Lukose (all nominated).
  2. 1938-44 : C O Ponnamma, Devaki Antharjanam, T Narayani Amma, Dr Mary Poonnen Lukose. (all nominated)
  3. 1944-47:  T Narayani Amma (nominated).

Sri Chithra State Council

1. 1933 -37 :  Mrs D H Watts, Dr Mary Poonnen Lukose (both nominated)

2. 1937-44 : Ranganayaki Ammal (nominated) ; Thressia Kora (elected); Dr Mary Poonnen Lukose (nominated)

3. 1944-47: P Thankamma (nominated); Thressia Kora (elected)

Cochin Legislative Council

  1. 1925- 28: Tottaikkattu Madhavi Amma (nominated)
  2. 1928-31:  Gauri Pavithran (nominated)
  3. 1931-35: Parvati Nenminimangalam (Special Member); Mrs Swaris (nominated)
  4. 1935-38: Mrs G M D’Souza ; P Meenakshikkutty Amma (both nominated)
  5. 1938-45: Mrs C R Iyyunni; Anni Joshua; Thankamma N Menon (all nominated)
  6. 1945-48 : Dr (Mrs) T Francis; Dakshayani Velayudhan; Annie Joseph; Mrs K M R Menon. (all elected)
  7. 1948-49: Dr (Mrs) T Francis ; Annie Joseph (elected)

Travancore Legislative Assembly

  1. 1948-49:  Accamma Cherian, Anne Mascarene, Devaki Gopidas (all elected)

Travancore-Cochin Legislative Assembly 

  1. 1949-52: Accamma Cherian, Devaki Gopidas; Dr (Mrs) T Francis ; Annie Mascarene; Annie Joseph; Thankamma N Menon (all elected)
  2.  1952-53 : K R Gouri Amma (elected)
  3. 1954-56 : K R Gouri Amma; T C Leela Devi Amma (both elected)

Madras Legislative Assembly

1937-46 : A V Kuttimalu Amma (elected)

1946-51 : A V Kuttimalu Amma (elected)

Source: Hundred Years of Legislative Bodies in Kerala 1888- 1988 — A Centenary Souvenir, Thiruvananthapuram: Government of Kerala, 1990

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