‘The Craze for Imitation’: C P Kalyani Amma

Translated by J Devika

[ this is an earlier version of the translation that appeared in my book Her-Self, published by Stree/Samya, Kolkata, 2005, For a fuller, annotated version, please refer the book]

[ ‘Anukaranabhramam’, Lakshmibhayi 10 (12) M.E. 1090  Meenam  (March- April 1914-15): 457- 63]


I read the article titled ‘The Craze for Imitation’ by Puttezhattu Raman Menon B.A. We have been braving the reprimands of Granduncles and the contempt and derision of people and the newspapers; I am not at all surprised that Mr. Menon has launched a belligerent offensive. Continue reading “‘The Craze for Imitation’: C P Kalyani Amma”