Literature and Womankind: K M Kunhulakshmi Kettilamma

Translated by J Devika


[this is an earlier version of a translation that appeared in my book Her-Self, from Stree/Samya, Kolkata, 2005. For a fuller, annotated version, please refer the book]


K. M. Kunhulakshmy Kettilamma (1877- 1947) was born in Kottayam, in Malabar, was a scholar in Sanskrit and Malayalam. Her major work in Sanskrit was Prarthananjali and Savitrivrttam, Puranachandrika and Kausalyadevi figure among her Malayalam works. She edited  the women’s magazine Mahilaratnam. Continue reading “Literature and Womankind: K M Kunhulakshmi Kettilamma”