Womanliness: Sarojini

Translated by J Devika


[this is an earlier version of a translation that appeared in my book Her-Self, from Stree/Samya, Kolkata, 2005. For a fuller, annotated version, please refer the book]

[‘Streetvam’, Mahilaratnam 1 (5) M. E. 1091 Dhanu ( December-January 1915-16): 97-102. The same article with the same title appeared signed by ‘Oru Stree’ (A Woman) in Mahila 13 (2) 1933:33-6]

Everyone knows what Manliness is. However, even those who lecture or write about Womanliness do not seem to have thought deeply about what Womanliness is. It is quite doubtful whether everyone will supply the same answer if asked to make a list of the virtues that ought to grace a woman ideally. Continue reading “Womanliness: Sarojini”