The Demerits of Female Education: A Refutation — N A Amma

Translated by J Devika


[this is an earlier version of a translation that appeared in my book Her-Self, from Stree/Samya, Kolkata, 2005. For a fuller, annotated version, please refer the book]

   [ ‘Streevidyabhyasa Doshanishedham’, Vidyavinodini 8 (11) M.E. 1073 Chingam (August- September 1897-88): 427-31]

Readers of the Vidyavinodini have probably read the article titled ‘Streevidyabhyasam’ (Female Education) written by a respectable gentleman in the Vrishchikam (November-December) issue. In my perception and faith, there are very few of us who cannot read and write. So also, many women and men still possess considerable skill in both poetry and prose; but no one has responded to that article. I wish to offer a few words, deeply grieved and surprised by such neglect. Continue reading “The Demerits of Female Education: A Refutation — N A Amma”